Habana Kings - Orlando, FL

Produced by: Rottweilas Inc

Friday, September 22 2017, 9:00 pm

Mangos Tropical Cafe Orlando


Habana Kings Tour with El Taiger & El Micha. Opening by Nesty.

 El Taiger, known on the island for his Cuban-rooted urban sound, sings a tribute to Cuba and its music that name checks musical styles rumba, songo, timba and son, and celebrates Havana’s characteristic seven days a week party vibe and, more sentimentally, the unique feeling of its streets and its people. El Taiger 2016 debut album, Taiger, was released on Puerto Rican hip-hop artist Cosculluela’s label  Rottboyz. A new album, with collaborations by Cosculluela, Ozuna, J Balvin, Bryant Myers and others.

El Micha born in Havana, Michael Sierra Miranda is known everywhere in his hometown as "El Micha". A former basketball player, he grew up in a very humble neighborhood and went through some rough times. Even if he has now left the streets where he grew up, he stays strongly attached to its realities. That's the reason why his background is, according to him, the main inspiration for his music: "I speak about what I live, about kids, old people, my songs come from the people". And if the rhythm is one of the central elements of his music, his major concern is for the lyrics.




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