Hermes Croatto

Por Amor a Puerto Rico

After three sold out concerts in Puerto Rico, for the first time Hermes Croatto will be performing in Orlando, Florida in a special concert tiled “POR AMOR A PUERTO RICO” in benefit of the Puerto Rico Business Harbor.

Feb 24
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In the past days we have seen the tremendous outpour of support from artists and media to help Puerto Rico accelerate their recovery process and here in Orlando we saw how Fiestas Sanse gathered more than 50 K attendees to celebrate music, traditions and culture! That’s why the Foster Advance Initiative is starting 2019 with a great celebration of culture and a strong push for business growth and advancements in support of the The PUERTO RICO BUSINESS HARBOR which serves as a venue for structuring the thorough and effective advancement of assistance to the wave of recent arrival business entrepreneurs, workers and family leaders seeking to restart their lives. The PUERTO RICO BUSINESS HARBOR objective is to provide a wise economic integration to support entrepreneurs, business and family leaders obtain value added training, certifications, mentoring and partnerships with established businesses that will help our community prosper.

2018 was a challenging year for many, especially for our brothers and sisters from Puerto Rico as they were dealing with the aftermath of the devastation of Maria, but the silver lining was that the world saw that aside from the beauties that our magical island has to offer its visitors the Puerto Rican people inspired the world with the joyful heart, bravado and resilience; we got to see heroes of all walks of life, leaders, innovators and business propellers that acted quick to help rebuild our beautiful paradise and now they need our support to grow and expand their business opportunities here in Florida. Our goal is that you get to know them, their products, their services, their art, their magic! The Florida landscape is seeing such a beautiful transformation from these awesome entrepreneurs and we just can’t get enough!

Join us for our first event of the year as we celebrate “Por Amor A Puerto Rico” in a special commemorative concert with Emmy winning artist Hermes Croatto! We will have a casual business network reception and enjoy the great music and traditions of Puerto Rico!



Hermes Croatto


Foster Advance Initiative


Orlando Museum of Art
Orlando, Florida

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