Spring Flower & Hat Show 2019

Lunch & Fashion Extravaganza 

The 2019 Spring Flower & Hat Show has the purpose to develop and strengthen the fashion, beauty, arts, and entertainment industries in the Central Florida area. More so, to provide locals with much needed information
regarding these fields.

Apr 11
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Orlando has more than enough tourism traffic, with plenty of social, entertainment, and hospitality options to become a major fashion industry hub. The 2019 Spring Flower & Hat Show is bringing the runways of the most relevant boutiques of the area to do just that. The 2019 Spring Flower & Hat Show, with its feature high-fashion designers, supermodels, celebrities, and stylists, along with impact-driven Sponsors, Ambassadors, and collaborators will showcase the event that will set the eyes of the local Spring fashion to Orlando. It will be a spectacle that you will not want to miss and where you cross promote with over fashion-hungry fans and enthusiasts.

An investment like no other, exposure to this dynamic audience creates an unparalleled opportunity to highlight your business. Over the past 15 years, Dominicci International has built a reputation for professional, high quality event that receives significant publicity in communities across Central Florida. The 2019 Spring Flower & Hat Show media coverage will generate over $100,000 in equivalent ad and promotional publicity with an unprecedented media exposure, bringing even more notoriety to the sponsors, designers, and celebrities involved. And now it’s your time to take advantage of it!

International Guest Designer, Carlos Alberto, one of the most prolific high fashion designers in the world today. Graduated from the renowned Carlota Alfaro Institute. His styles are definably avant garde, highly feminine, and extremely elegant with strong classic influence. Recently, the Swarovski brand granted Carlos Alberto the rights to use its exclusive line MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, honoring him as the first Latino to earn such privilege.


Dominicci International


Rosen Centre Hotel - Signature 1 Room
9840 Int. Dr. - Orlando, FL.

Event Time:

11:00 AM to 3:00 PM


[email protected]

Dress Code:

Fashionably Chic
With Hat or Fascinator